The Leadership of the Commission met with the candidates for the position of a judge


On June 13, 2023, the Chairman of the Commission Roman Ihnatov, the Deputy Chairman of the Commission Ruslan Sydorovych, and the Head of the Secretariat of the Commission Olena Ponomarenko held a working meeting with an initiative group of candidates for the positions of local court judges.

It was about the selection of judges in 2017, which was not completed due to the termination of powers of the previous HQCJ composition. The candidates turned to the Commission with a request to take into account the situation with the selection process and resolve the issue of practical assignments.

As Roman Ihnatov noted during the meeting, resolving the issue of judges’ selection is one of the Commission’s top priorities, as the HQCJ bears great responsibility for each of the candidates. He emphasized the importance of the Commission’s goal, namely the development of a highly professional judiciary, based on the principles of integrity. The Chairman of the HQCJ also drew attention to the fact that respective panels for the examination of practical assignments will be shaped shortly.

Ruslan Sydorovych emphasized that the members of the Commission already 96% are familiar with the problematic selection issues.

Olena Ponomarenko, Head of the Commission’s Secretariat, spoke about the technical aspects of the practical examination of the assignments. In particular, she noted that the previous composition of the HQCJ had reviewed 60 assignments.