A regular online meeting of donors and implementers of international assistance projects in the field of the Rule of Law


On February 3, 2021, the online regular meeting of representatives of international assistance projects on strengthening the Rule of Law organized by the USAID New Justice Program took place.

The representatives of the highest state authorities of Ukraine, international organizations and international technical assistance projects participated in the event.

Olena Vysotska, Deputy Minister of Justice of Ukraine, addressed the participants of the event. She presented plans and priorities in the work of the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine for 2021 and possible areas of cooperation with international donors and noted that the main goals of the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine are the respect for human rights and access to justice, protection of property rights, effective legislation, as well as the creation of a humanistic system of execution of criminal punishments, which is aimed to introduce effective tools to change behavior and resocialize individuals and reduce crime recidivism to 10%.

Besides, regulation of mediation procedure and improvement of the arbitration courts work, the creation of jury trial in Ukraine, expansion of access to forensic services as well as the development of effective enforcement systems by increasing the number of private bailiffs are the main priorities of the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine for 2021.


The United States Agency for International Development (USAID) New Justice Program has been operating in Ukraine since October 2016.

The Program is aimed to support the Judiciary, Government, Parliament, Civil Society and the people of Ukraine in the implementation of judicial reform.