A working meeting with representatives of the USAID Justice for All Program was held at the HQCJU Secretariat


On September 29, 2022, a working meeting of the leadership of the Commission’s Secretariat was held with representatives of the USAID Justice for All Program: Head of the Program David M. Vaughn, Deputy Head Nataliya Petrova, Program experts Anna Sukhova and Elvira Faizullina.

The Commission was represented by Head of the Secretariat of the Commission Olena Ponomarenko, Director of the Judicial Career Department Taras Neshyk, and Acting Head of the International Cooperation Department Denys Kuznetsov.

The parties discussed in detail the areas of cooperation between the Program and the Secretariat of the Commission, in particular, the draft plan for the strategic development of artificial intelligence within the framework of solving judicial career issues, automation of other procedures (examination, competition for candidates for the position of a local court judge).

In addition, during the discussion, participants emphasized the need to study international experience and best practices regarding selection for the position of a judge, improvement of examination procedures, automation of processes related to the judicial career, etc.

The participants paid special attention to the issue of international standards for evaluating judges and candidates for the position of a judge and analyzing the indicators of their personal moral and psychological qualities based on the results of the relevant tests.

As a result, it was agreed to involve the Program’s national expert in the field of information technologies to carry out a comprehensive assessment of the functioning of the current subsystems of the Commission’s Workflow automation system, which is extremely important for further formation of proposals and recommendations for the purpose of developing additional modules.


The USAID Justice for All Program has been launched in Ukraine on October 1, 2021, and is implemented to promote the idea of ​​justice for all by strengthening the justice system, justice services and community involvement to ensure an adequate response to the legal problems and needs of Ukrainian people in Judiciary.

The USAID Justice for All Program is built on the achievements of the USAID New Justice Program and will use its achievements to coordinate close cooperation with domestic partners, USAID and US government projects, and other projects of international donor organizations in Ukraine.