Lyudmyla Volkova

Lyudmyla Volkova was appointed as a member of the High Qualification Commission of Judges of Ukraine by the decision of the High Council of Justice dated
June 1, 2023.

She dedicated more than 15 years of her professional life to the public sector. She worked at an enterprise of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine, headed the territorial units of the State Judicial Administration of Ukraine in Kharkiv Oblast, and held the positions of judge’s assistant and judge. In 2015–2018, she was a member of the Council of Judges of Ukraine.

She has work experience in international law firms and worked as an advocate.

In her daily activities, she is guided by the Rule of Law principle and is sure that the highest value is human dignity.

Lyudmyla Volkova is a member of the Second Chamber and of the Second Panel of the Commission. She participates in working groups, established to coordinate certain areas of the Commission’s activities.