The Members of the Commission met with the USAID Justice for All Program expert, psychologist Dr. Frank van Luijk


On November 23, 2023, the working meeting was held between the Chairman of the High Qualification Commission of Judges of Ukraine, Roman Ihnatov and the USAID Justice for All Program expert, Dr. Frank Van Luijk, to discuss psychological testing of candidates for judicial office.

Also, the meeting was attended by the Head of the Commission’s Secretariat Olena Ponomarenko, members of the Commission, Chief of Party of the USAID Justice for All Program, David Vaughn and Deputy Chief of Party Natalia Petrova.

Dr Frank van Luijk is an institutional and organisational psychologist with over 30 years of expertise in developing and refining evaluation criteria and is a leading expert in the evaluation of candidates for judicial and prosecutorial offices.

During the discussion, the participants were introduced to Dr. Van Luijk’s research and noted the peculiarities of testing the moral and psychological qualities of judges and candidates for judicial office in Ukraine.

Frank Van Luijk shared his experience of qualification evaluation of candidates in the Netherlands, outlining similarities and differences between the evaluations in those and Ukraine. He further provided several recommendations for the HQCJ to improve the psychological testing of candidates for judicial office.

The Chairman of the Commission expressed his gratitude to the USAID Justice for All Program representatives for sharing their views and experience, noting the Program's continued support.

The experts showed their determination to further cooperate and assist the Commission in advising on psychological testing.